We are Sea Kayak Sardinia

An adventure sea kayak touring company based in the Alghero area of Sardinia

We specialize in tours and expeditions, but we also offer instruction under either the British Canoe Union or the American Canoe Association syllabus, as well as providing an exciting venue for team building events.

About me

Clark Weissinger

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and grew up in a small island town called Portsmouth. After a brief military service and a stint studying geology at the University of Rhode Island I moved west looking for adventure. Settling in Ward, Colorado, I started a love affair with the mountains.

I started working on trail crews, building and maintaining hiking trails in the Boulder County area and worked my way up to supervisor after a few years. I took a Wilderness First Responder course and got certified as a Trip Leader with the National Outdoor Leadership School and went looking for work as an assistant to an experienced mountain guide.

Unable to find paid work in the USA, I then traveled to Chile, where I found work as a mountain guide in Pucon and San Pedro de Atancama. I spent a thoroughly enjoyable year working there and then worked my way north to Sorata, Bolivia, where I worked for another year, which was an amazing experience. Whilst in Bolivia, I injured my knee and went looking for another outdoor adventure activity, which brought me to Sea Kayaking.

I had my first sea kayaking jobs in Rhode Island but have to credit Tom Burgh at Maine Island Kayak Company for teaching me seamanship and leadership skills. I have now been a sea kayaking instructor for 18 years.

I have worked extensively throughout New England, the Caribbean, Majorca, Tunisia, Malta and now Sardinia.

I am a Coastal Sea Kayaking Instructor and am certified as a trip leader with the American Canoe Association.
Also, I hold a 5 star award and a level 3 sea coaching qualification with both the British Canoe Union and the Malta Canoe Federation.

I established Sea Kayak Sardinia in January 2010 as I saw a tremendous opportunity for sea kayaking along this wild and underdeveloped coastline and hope to share this experience of paddling Sardinia until I can no longer lift a paddle.


Making Bookings

To make a booking, just fill in the details on our form. This will let us know which dates you require and other necessary information we need from you. We’ll then contact you back by email or phone and give you the opportunity to confirm the booking. Until you confirm with us personally, there’s no obligation.

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