Sea Kayak Sardinia is setting a new standard in sea kayak rental

Aside from using some of the best equipment on the market we are providing a service unparalleled in the sea kayaking world.

We are renting our sea kayaks along with the expertise and local knowledge of our staff for sea kayak excursions.

We equip our clients with a VHF Radio (if you are certified in its use), local mobile phone, and in addition, we always have an experienced sea kayak instructor on call 24 hours a day to assist you if necessary.

We believe that in providing this service we eliminate a lot of stress from our clients who may be unfamiliar with the area, and it makes your excursion in Sardinia much easier and safer. We will also give you weather forecasts and assist you in route planning on a daily basis.

Our rate for this includes airport transfers (from Alghero or Olbia) to the start and from the finish point. We do ask that all or our clients have a minimum of some expedition experience and that one member of any group have a minimum of BCU/EPP level 3 experience. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Please note that for insurance reasons we must offer transport included in the price, not separately. Please contact us if you have any questions

Our Hire Rates

Boat only (including pick up/drop off):

  • 40€ per day Northwest coast of Sardinia (Alghero is the local airport) 

  • 50€ per day in the Northeast (Olbia is the local airport)

  • 60€ per day in the Cagliari area (Cagliari is the local airport)

  • Plus 30€ per day additional for a double sea kayak.

    Please specify if you prefer a P&H Scorpio high or low volume or Valley Nordkapp boat.


  • Plus 10€ per day for a Lendal paddle, bouyancy aid and Spray deck (also 1 pump and a Spot GPS local mobile per group).

  • Plus 10€ per day for camping gear, tent, sleeping bag, mess kit and 1 stove with gas per 2 people.

Routes offering direct flights to Sardinia

Alghero Airport

Olbia Airport

* please note that we don’t offer free transport between the airports. 

Sorry, but we don’t do daily rentals.

If you are staying in Alghero, we are happy to do drop off and pick ups at either Camping Calik Blu or Camping La Mariposa, if you are staying else where please let us know as it can be difficult to navigate in Alghero with a trailer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.